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italk is the digital voice address system that knows where its going


Specifically designed for the public transport network Nimbus’ italk is a digital voice address system. italk is a purpose built Public Announcement System that delivers prerecorded audio messages to passengers.

clear, concise & coherent information

  • Emergency Announcements.
  • Arrival & Departure Announcements.
  • Courtesy Announcements.

Operates as a modular stand alone system or can be fully integrated into existing communication infrastructure.


Pre-recorded library (WAV or MP3 format).

  • Location triggered content, with manual override.
  • Stand alone add-on product or fully intergratable to existing system.
  • Compatible with proprietary and / or RNIB products.
  • Content can be downloaded and uploaded.

available options

Wireless communication to multiple networks – GPRS/3G/WiFi/WLAN.

  • Compliment audio with multi-media interfaces (i.e. advertising).
  • Internal & external speakers.
  • Self-adjusting volume to ambient noise levels, with manual override.


italk digital voice address system