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keep your passengers informed and connected


Add value to your bus service with Nimbus’ Infotainment module; an innovative, feature-rich application that enables you to display location and time driven information when and where and it is most effective.

Nimbus’ Infotainment module can assist you in improving passenger satisfaction and making your services more accessible, with the on-board display of accurate, reliable and entertaining graphics, such as:

• Current, next stop and route information
• General passenger information, for instance fare options and new bus services
• Advertisements
• Video clips
• Photos
• Television

The Infotainment module also enables you to deliver relevant information to your passengers in real-time, by using GPRS, 3g or trunk radio networks to accept text messages from the depot, which then overlay the pre-configured play list. By automating the delivery of this information, the Infotainment module also benefits your drivers, as it reduces on-bus passenger enquiries.


raise revenue with time and location-sensitive advertising

Triggered by GPS co-ordinates and time, Nimbus’ Infotainment module can deliver advertising messages to passengers close to the point of purchase and at a time and place where they can act on what they see.

For example, you can configure the system to show an advert at 10am, outside a particular shop, and record the fact that it has been done. You can use this functionality to sell advertising space and raise revenue, and save costs on your own paper-based advertising. The advantages of on-bus advertising include:

• A ready-made captive audience — viewers can’t change the channel or turn it off.
• The ability to specifically target customers by advertising on buses that circulate in the local area.
• Effectiveness: unlike television, radio and press, bus advertising is an uncluttered medium, so your audience is less prone to ‘tune out’ any advertising messages.


how it works

The Nimbus Infotainment module is an ideal way to communicate with your passengers, as it is easy to deploy and even easier to manage:
• The systems uses a template (pre-existing or customised) to compile a play list of video clips, text, images, and audio and assign locations and times to each item.
• The depot WLAN system publishes the play list to the bus at the depot. This can be done in advance.
• Each bus checks what it should play on that day, and applies the play list according to the time and location specified.
• The MediaCheck feature enables you to check the information has actually been displayed against the play list that was configured into the system.
• On request, the system can generate an event log that identifies where and when the clips were shown.


system requirements

Nimbus can supply you with an Infotainment module that suits your needs – from a basic application to a fully managed publication service. To deploy Nimbus’ Infotainment module, you need:
• A Nimbus on-vehicle server
• An LCD screen. Nimbus recommends a 21’ inch screen that includes the MediaCheck hardware (this is easy for passengers to read and fits most bus and coach applications). However, the Infotainment module can use the standard Nimbus 15’ inch TFT screen with a small upgrade, but this does not include the MediaCheck hardware.
• Your media content, you will need to arrange any advertising or media sales.
• A license for each bus fitted with the Infotainment module.


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