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icount is the cost effective camera-based passenger counting system for buses and trains


icount can compliment your ticket machine data and give you real time loading information. It is specifically designed for mobile passenger applications in the public transport industry.



Know how many people board, leave and are on your vehicle in real-time
• Allows planned real time operational management – disruption to passengers can be minimised.
• Analyse loadings historically as you can plan your capacities
• Assess the distance your concessionary passengers actually travel
• Collect passenger data with or without ticket machines
• Passenger movements between carriages and or to retail and other facilities
• Can be used to count entry and exit to/from terminal shops and facilities

The data can allow you to better plan and manage vehicle capacity, tailor the facilities offered to known passenger numbers and improve the service to your customers. It can also be used to inform claims for concessionary revenues and establish accurate point by point loadings, and even improve the case for bus priority through major junctions.


how it works

The Nimbus icount sensor counts passengers passing both ways (a single unit covers a double or single door or gangway) and transmit that data either to a wireless network via GPRS, Wi-Fi, or Radio or to a laptop on site. The data is fed into desktop or web based software which analyses it and offers a suite of easily readable reports or into your vehicle management system so that you can use it dynamically.

If connected to our on-bus ihub, reports are sent over the air and downloaded during vehicle down time at your convenience directly to your PC. This information can trigger load warnings to the imedia RTI system or other despatcher control systems and can be used to inform selective vehicle detection for traffic light pre-emption.

key features

• Robust, lightweight and reliable
• Easy integration and connection to multiple units
• Built in infra-red illumination
• Reliable operation in any lighting condition
• Extended temperature range and great thermal stability (unlike infra-red)
• High precision counting accuracy – greater than 97%
• Low power
• Easily fitted and repaired


the business case

• Know the difference between ticket machine and actual loadings for revenue protection
• Use the data to prove concessionary loadings
• Plan your service capacities accurately – maximise bums on seats
• Evaluate fare strategies in real time
• Focus the use of your revenue teams When linked to our imedia RTI system (or other RTI systems) the data is presented not only by time, but by location (stop) and cross referenced to ticket machine data on the vehicle.
Yours for as low as £1000 per vehicle!


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